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Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Operation Plan
COOP Plan “Continuity Operations Plan”
Risk Assessments
OSHA standards compliance

Disaster & Emergency Response

Incident Command -Public & Private Sector, FEMA, DHS, Local Police, Fire, Rescue, EMA
Hazmat Operations
Enviromental On Scene Coordination

Disaster Recovery

FEMA Public Assistance Support
Professional Fire and Explosion Investigation
Fire and EMA Subject Matter Expert
Post Disaster Debris Collection FEMA/EPA Compliance

More About Us

Crespo Advisors leads and works with dedication, passion and experience. Our goal is to save lives and property. Our story and commitment started when our founder, Ángel Crespo, joined the Puerto Rico fire service and emergency management departments on August 1, 1997. His experience, combined with a remarkable group of emergency management experts, supports and drives the Preparedness, Mitigation, Response and Recovery operations on Natural and Man-Made Incidents and Disasters.

We provide services to

Federal, State, Tribal and Local Government
Hospitals & Healthcare
Manufacturing & Recycling Industry
Finance and Banking

Curriculum vitae

Provided here is the full 24+ year career and subject matter expertise for Retired Fire Chief Angel Crespo. Investigations and court testimony can be provided for any subject contained herein.


Crespo Advisors brings together a team of accomplished professionals within the Fire and Emergency Management Industry. From a Retired Fire Chief of the State of Puerto Rico Fire Department, leading over 2,115 Firefighters, Officers, Inspectors, First Responders, and administrative team members, to multiple Retired Emergency Management Agency Directors, with significant experience at coordinating Emergency Response within Puerto Rico and regions beyond, Crespo’s team has the ability to give you the best preparedness and all resources to be ready when disaster strikes. Crespo has the experience and relationships to work with all entities, (OSHA, FEMA, EPA, DHS, Local Police, Fire and Ambulances) to oversee and provide the best opportunity for safety for your employees, families, and citizens.

Emergency Preparedness
Emergency and Disaster Response
Disasters recovery
Emergency Management
Specialty Equipment (Procurement Purchasing & Specifications)

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Our Partners

Truck Finder

Crespo Advisors provides services for, and has access to the world’s largest single-site supplier of secondhand and used fire trucks. With our relationship with Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus, we have provided used fire apparatus to Fire Departments throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

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The process for working with Crespo Advisors is fairly simple. Below, fill out the “Get in Touch” form. Explain what problems you have, or what type disaster you want to plan for. Crespo will give you an absolutely free initial consultation. We will listen to your situation and needs, and provide an initial proposal with general recommendations. We will also provide pricing, (either by the job, for fire equipment, or by consulting by the hour), with an estimate of what is needed to accomplish your projects and goals. The first inquiry is free, with no commitment, so please, ask us your questions, and let us know how we can help make your part of the world safer.

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